Healthy & Filter Free Skin From The Comfort of Your Home

Have an Acne Specialist walk you step-by-step to healthy & filter free skin.

Our acne bootcamp program has a 95% success rate and proven to have some skin clear within 3-6 months.

We specialize in treating acne long-distance.

How does it work? 

Schedule a consultation with one of our Certified Acne Specialists who will choose clinical-strength products for you based on: 

  • Your skin and acne type
  • Your diet
  • Hormonal issues
  • Lifestyle factors 
  • Your current products

You will be shown step-by-step how to use your new products (this is key to success!), and your Acne Specialist will follow-up with you every two weeks until your skin is clear.

During follow up appointments, we:

  • Closely track your skin's progress to make sure you are clearing on schedule
  • Guide you through product routine changes to ensure acne can't adapt and start forming again
  • Answer your questions!

How can a Virtual Acne Specialist Help You?

B-Unique Beauty is known for its success of helping clients clear their skin be it in- person for clinic treatments or long-distance and has a 95% success rate in doing so. It is due to Kayla extensive training and her experience with various skin conditions and most importantly understanding the importance of gut health that ensures the success and long lasting results her clients achieve.  In addition, we understand how to navigate the specific details and challenges that can arise with virtual acne consulting.

Our goal is to help clear your skin by first providing education to our clients because an educated client is a dedicated and intentional client that possesses power and the tenacity to achieve their goals. We educate you every step of the way to ensure that you have everything you need to confidently maintain acne-free skin for years to come. 

We take our job as acne specialists very seriously, and we pay close attention to each and every client we work with. We help you discover what is causing your acne so that you can prevent it from coming back. 

What is the investment and what does it include?

Your Virtual Acne Consultation cost is a one time cost of  $300.00 and includes:

  • Your first 1 hour consultation
  • Custom-selected products based on your intake form and photos
  • The products (shipping cost included) you need to get started on your path to clear skin, and to prevent new acne from forming: Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Sunscreen, Serum, Benzoyl Peroxide (TBD), and Hydrating Gel.
  • Dietary & lifestyle recommendations
  • Digital Folder with all necessary educational information, notes, charts etc concerning your skin.  
  • An acne specialist as your skincare coach with access every two weeks for skincare adjustments and check-ins. 

How can I schedule my virtual appointment and start my acne treatment? 

  1. Book your appointment by clicking on the link below (virtual consultations are conducted on TUESDAY’S ONLY!) You’ll receive an email to fill out forms and send photos of your skin prior to your scheduled consultation.  
  2. Once completed, Kayla will review everything discussed and choose the right products for your skin and the link to purchase your products will be given. 
  3. After the consultation a client portal will be created for you. Here is where much of our communication, notes/charts, skincare regimens etc. will be held. 
  4. Your products will be shipped and you'll receive a link to schedule your first virtual acne appointment to walk you through how to apply your products and go over your regimen. We prefer you to have the products with you for this appointment.

Find out if your products are clogging your pores!

Download your Pore-Clogging Ingredient List and find out if your products are causing your skin irritation and breakouts.