What our happy clients say:


This review is beyond late as I got married last year in June. However, this review is needed. I was having problems finding a make up artist that could make me look the way I want, while also having good communication skills and professionalism. Kayla is very good at what she does and what is even more important to me, is she is easy to work with. She has a great personality and she is very dependable. I think that is definitely something needed during prepping for a wedding. Especially since it can be a bit stressful. You want the people you have to work close with to help you or at least not provide unnecessary stress if not needed. Kayla got along with my family members and was very polite. I was looking for a make up artist who blended my make up well without over doing it, as I do not wear make up. I was also looking for someone who was professional and easy to work with, and I got all of that.


Turah F.


Came into town from Huntsville, Alabama looking for a natural look with great lashes for my son’s Christening. I received a beautiful glowing look that I will never forget. I received so many compliments on how great my make up was and I owe it all to Kayla! We had wonderful conversation the entire time and I also learned some ways to take better care of my skin. This is an experience I will never forget and I know I will be returning and not just for makeup but for skin care as well. I know that I will make an appointment every time I come to Chicago! 


Maya S.


I’ve been struggling with my skin for quite some time. I have mild acne, hyper-pigmented spots here and there, and overall very dull skin. My ultimate goal is to feel confident in my own skin; I want to feel comfortable enough not to have to wear foundation whenever I leave my house. I want that glow that everyone strives for... I mean who doesn’t, right? Well that’s exactly what my skin is starting to look like after my deep cleansing facial. My acne has receded, my skin tone looks a lot more even, and I have a glow about me that I didn’t have before! It’s amazing what the products she used have done to my skin. She completely tailored it to what she believed my skin needed the most, which is more than any other esthetician has done for my skin. She is extremely knowledgeable about different skin issues and what is needed to improve them. This has been the best experience and I have faith that I will reach my ultimate goal if I continue my journey at B-Unique Beauty. Thanks so much, Kayla! 


Diane A.


Background- So I was going to see a dermatologist for a few reasons but mostly acne. I was given some medicated cream. I spent so much money on one little tube, didn't see results until a month after using it, and there was a disclaimer stating that it would dye your sheets and keep away from hair...I definitely noticed my edges going bald and ball spots within my brows. So I stopped using it and sought out other face products which sometimes worked but then stopped. I felt like the products I used weren't sinking into my skin and taking care of business underneath all the layers.

My beautiful friend Kayla went to school just for me! lol okay y'all too but when she said she was now a Licensed Esthetician I knew that was a gift to us all from God lbs. I will admit I was a little timid about the products because my skin is so sensitive but because of my faith in her as a friend and professional I figured why not. Y'all...My face is glowing! I started the program on February 16th and I remember telling her within the first two weeks about the results I had seen. Of course, I had to change my eating habits and drink gallons of water but Face Reality is Legit! I felt like after my face and the product became friends it was only up from there. I was right! Everyday I noticed my face getting brighter and more clear. It is now April 16th so about 2 months now and I can honestly say that for two months straight my face has been the clearest that it's ever been in life. After the first month I started getting comments on my skin and people questioning whether I have on makeup. Nope! Just Face Reality! So to everyone reading this I recommend a Face Reality check because...well, you deserve to feel beautiful!

To be able to go outside with nothing but lashes and bomb brows - Hunty!! I Love, Love, Love, my skin. -Thanks Love! 


Tish L.


I started the acne boot camp program a few weeks ago, and I can honestly say that I love it so far! My acne scars have diminished so much, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on how much my skin is glowing these days. In the past I’ve never been able to find an SPF that didn’t irritate my skin, so I was so happy that I was able to use the one Kayla suggested to me through the program. So far so good, and I can’t wait to see my final results! 


Taylor D.


I was looking to find some products to add to my morning regimen and also even out the texture of my skin. That is exactly what Kayla provided for me. She is extremely professional and friendly. Very informative and she knows how to explain things in way you can understand if you are not very educated about skin health care. The environment was clean and relaxing. Best facial ever. I will be back! 


Kiara W. 


I was looking for someone to just do make-up, but Kayla went above and beyond my expectations. I hadn't thought much about how important it was to take of my skin as I honestly thought make-up would cover it all up. Kayla showed me just how important it was to take care of my skin prior and after make-up application. As far as the make-up goes, it was a grand slam. I was so overly impressed with her professionalism and the overall look. It was more than I ever expected. I was sad when it was time to remove the make-up because it was just so beautiful and it lasted for so long. I'd recommend any bride to Kayla as she knows how to truly treat every bride like the queen that she is!


Chelsea Smith


Kayla is absolutely wonderful! She recommended that I come in the day before my make up appliance for a facial. The customized facial was amazing and relaxing. My skin had a beautiful natural glow. The following day Kayla did my make up and it was absolutely gorgeous! I received so many compliments. My make up lasted the whole day and looked absolutely flawless. I was very pleased. I would definitely recommend Kayla's service to everyone. I will be utilize her for my next upcoming projects.


Cece Symone

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