Cryo & Heat Therapy Roller


The Cryo & Heat Therapy Roller is a game changer for your skin and body.  Kayla has been using the Cryo & Heat Therapy Roller in her treatment protocols to help instantly and dramatically yield the corrective skincare results her clients desire to achieve and maintain. This tool is ideal for all skin types and skin conditions. Its unique design and function allows for zero-mess in taking the place of melting ice to calm down inflammation, speed up skin’s recovery, and act as an awesome cool-down & heating tool after working out to focus on sore muscles.

This innovative tool puts jade rollers and even a cube of ice to shame as they lose their cool as soon as they make contact with skin, whereas the cutting edge Cryo & Heat Therapy Roller is filled with a freeze-retaining saline gel solution to keep it chill long after its out of the freezer or refrigerator.  Its a no brainer that our Cryo & Heat Therapy Roller is the new addition to your skincare regimen to help heighten your skincare journey.


  • All skin types & Acne friendly!
  • 2-in-1 combined Cryo (Ice) & Heat Therapy
  • Calm & reduce inflammation
  • Glowing & de-puffing
  • Lifting & tightening of jaw, cheekbones, & forehead
  • Pore minmising
  • Cellular Renewal
  • Pre-workout heat therapy for sore muscles and massaging
  • Post-workout recovery cool-down
  • Insulating gel maintains the roller temperature longer for cold or hot
  • Stainless steel glides comfortably over the skin
  • Ball Diameter- 70mm, Height- 75mm, Base Diameter- 83mm



  • Activate your roller by placing in the freezer or refrigerator 4-6 hours.
  • Remove and enjoy up to 3-4 hours of ice-cold relief, once finished cleanse and place back in your protective bag and into the refrigerator.
  • Use on clean skin and roll the ball over the face on any inflamed acne lesions, the architectural lines of the face: along the jaw, up the cheekbone, across the forehead.
  • Use in big circular motions to stimulate microcirculation & lymphatic drainage.


  • Pre-workout place roller into heated water and allow ball to be immersed. Remove carefully and secure heated ball back into the base. Use caution by testing inner forearm and apply to area in need of heat safely in a massaging manner.
  • Post-workout place cold roller onto the area needing attention for a cool-down.