Dear Bride,

Thank you for choosing B-Unique Beauty LLC for your wedding day. I want to help you bring to life the exact way you have dreamed of seeing yourself walk down the aisle. Please carefully read and review the bridal contract. I require this contract to be completed and submitted with a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total expected cost of services from bridal party members and the bride to pay either the full or installment investment payment plan.

Contract and deposit is due within 24 hours of the date this contract has been sent to secure your appointment. If the contract is signed and sent anytime after the 24 hour time period; the date and previous quote discussed is not guaranteed and the price may change. In addition I will only take money from the individual who signs this contract. The complete balance for wedding day services will be due 2 weeks before your wedding date. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your wedding appointments. I look forward to working with you and your wedding party. 

Thank you and congratulations on soon becoming a Mrs.!



  • Kayla may consider other paid job offers until the signed contract, bride’s full or installment investment and bridal party members deposits have been received. 

  • The bride's payment must be submitted in full or installments according to the above selected investment plan and wedding party members deposits in order for wedding day services to be rendered. 

  • Deposits and installment payments are non-refundable but may be transferred to future services within one calendar year of the original wedding date.  Please be advised, dates and scheduled makeup times will only be reserved when a signed contract and deposit are received.  


A late fee of $20.00 will be charged for every 15 minutes of delay when a client is late for the scheduled time. Tardiness results in scheduling and service conflicts for you and other clients following your appointment(s). If the scope of the original contract cannot be fulfilled due to client’s tardiness, services may be reduced and client will not be refunded. If the wedding party or a member of the wedding party being serviced is more than 20 minutes late, the assumption will be that the client is a “no-show.” This will result in the client forfeiting their appointment. I apologize for any inconvenience but I must follow this policy out of respect for myself and other clients.


In the unlikely event that Artist has to cancel due to death, extreme sickness, accidents, acts of God, or other reason beyond her control, Client acknowledges that her sole remedy shall be a full refund of all monies paid, which will include the retainer and all subsequent installment payments rendered, and will not seek further damages. The refund shall be processed and returned to Client within fourteen (14) business days of the cancellation. Artist shall make every attempt to schedule a substitute Makeup Artist through her extensive network, but shall not be held responsible for such.


Client acknowledges that if appointment is canceled or otherwise essentially abandons the planned use of the commitment (a "Cancellation"), this action would constitute a breach of CLIENT's obligation to the Artist and the Artist would be harmed. Because the Artist’s harm (and Client's obligation to compensate the Artist for that harm) is likely to increase if there is a delay in notifying the Artist of any Cancellation, Client agrees to notify the Artist, in writing, no less than thirty (30) business days prior to the event. In addition, if a Cancellation occurs at any point after the execution of this contract, the parties agree that:

  • (a) It would be difficult to determine the Artist's actual harm.

  • (b) Due to the short period of time between the execution of this Agreement and the Event date, and/or the projected non-capacity services of the Artist over the Event date, the Artist is unlikely to be able to re-book services on a "last-sale" basis in the event of a Cancellation.

  • (c) The amount set forth below reasonably estimates the Artist's harm for a Cancellation. CLIENT, therefore, agrees to pay the Artist, within thirty (30) days after any Cancellation, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, $150.00, less any payments received. Provided that Client timely notifies the Artist of the Cancellation and timely pays the above-liquidated damages, the Artist agrees not to seek additional damages from Client relating to the Cancellation.


The makeup artist treats all clients with the utmost respect, and the makeup artist asks that clients and their wedding party, family and guests do the same. Sadly, sometimes there is someone who goes out of their way to be verbally or physically abusive to wedding professionals. At no time and under no circumstances whatsoever shall the makeup artist tolerate abusive, violent, destructive, menacing, or harassing behavior from the client or any party acting on behalf of the client. If such behavior does occur, the makeup artist will quietly and respectfully inform the client and/or members to handle the situation. However, if the behavior does not stop, the makeup artist will consider it a breach of contract under this clause, and vacate from the premises immediately without providing any further services and no refunds will be issued.  In the event that an abusive situation arises, be that from the direct contract holder, a bridesmaid, mother or intoxicated guests and so on; the makeup artist does reserve the right to end the services and vacate the premises, should it not be dealt with in an acceptable manor for all involved. 


We do not perform partial, a “little”, or “light” makeup services for free. The makeup artist is happy to provide services any desired look for booked appointments. Even though a look may be natural”, the cost of the services will remain the same regardless of style. Please do not ask for “just a little makeup” if you have not booked an appointment. We do not perform or accept last minute services. Please make sure that anyone who wants services is listed on this booking contract. We need a certain amount of time per person to give quality service, we refuse to rush through those who have booked and paid to fit in those who haven’t.


Makeup will be completed to client's satisfaction, but is not to exceed allotted makeup time. Ample time is given for each makeup application upon booking. Acceptance of completed makeup application’s are acknowledged by the client that makeup is done to her satisfaction. 


All agreements will be made in writing. Any changes/additions to guests or wedding party members requesting services after the contract is signed must be submitted in writing (no changes will be made over the telephone). Changes will be accepted up to 14 days prior to the service date. The bride/individual signing this contract is the only person permitted to authorize, submit and change any arrangements for the wedding party. Contracts and changes made by anyone other than the individual signing or listed on this contract are not allowed and considered invalid. Kayla Boddy (Owner) is the only authorized personnel to accept and make any requested changes.


Location of service for the day of the event will be at the discretion of the client, but there are certain requirements the makeup artist needs to complete the makeup application properly. A clean "set up" table/work area needs to be made available for the makeup artist. If preparation is at a hotel please ask the front desk for high top table chairs or barstools.


(a) All brushes and makeup products are kept sanitary and are sanitized between every makeup application. Makeup products used are hypoallergenic. Any skin condition should be reported by the client to the makeup artist prior to application and, if need be, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the skin to test reaction. Client(s) and any member of the party agrees that if client(s) has an open womb, sores, or any type of skin condition that could possibly contaminate the makeup products and/or kits, the makeup artist can refuse service to the client. (b) Client(s) and any member of the party agrees that the makeup artist (Kayla Boddy) and anyone working on the behalf of the artist will not be held liable for any skin complications, injuries, losses, damages, claims, and actions. Client(s) agree to release the makeup artist (Kayla Boddy) and anyone working on the behalf of the artist from liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions. (c) Client(s) will be responsible for any out of town travel fee for the makeup artist accommodations such as Flight ( round-trip travel), and lodging. (d) Client(s) will be responsible for any highway tolls, valets and/or parking fees incurred. The makeup artist will inquire about such fees prior to reserve the wedding event and will add any applicable highway tolls, and/or parking/valet fees. (e) Contract signee will be responsible for any unpaid balance by members of the bridal party or any other attendees in the event that require makeup services. 


The final balance is due 1 week before the event date by way of invoice, cash or credit card only, no exceptions! The person responsible for the entire balance of payment is the person who has signed the booking contract. 


Where parking, valet may be incurred, the amount will be included with the final bill.


Client{s) agrees to Kayla Boddy, to take pictures of the bride and bridal party before and after makeup application and use photographs of client(s) for promotional use on social media including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and makeup artist professional website


The agreement of Kayla Boddy to perform is subject to proven detention by accidents, riots, strikes, epidemics, acts of God, or any other legitimate conditions beyond their control. If such circumstances arise, all reasonable efforts will be made by Kayla Boddy to mitigate the result thereof. Client agrees that in all circumstances, Kayla Boddy liability shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damages arising from any breach of contract.

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