Acne Clearing Program That Delivers Results!

B-Unique Beauty Acne BootCamp

B-Unique Beauty “Acne Boot Camp” program is designed for those suffering with acne ready to address their acne underlying issues and commit to getting their acne under control. We focus not only on providing you with the best acne treatments and home-care products but most importantly education concerning acne and your skin. Our program is created to be of service in-person and virtually (online) for those interested afar. We have a 95% success rate of clients who are able to get clear and stay clear when following the program as directed.

If you have tried proactive, prescription medication from the dermatologist and yet that hasn't worked, then this is the program for you! I am able to treat all types of acne grades 1-6 (mild, moderate to severely inflamed, non-inflamed & combination acne), cystic acne, hormonal acne, acne rosacea, teen acne, mature or adult acne, and back acne without prescription drugs. I am a certified Face Reality Acne Specialist and carry all of their skincare products. Face Reality is a remarkable tried and true system of the best anti-acne products and treatments without the use of medication.

B-Unique Beauty Acne BootCamp
B-Unique Beauty Acne BootCamp

What makes our treatment successful?

Here at B-Unique Beauty our success has been due to throwing away the phrase “One Size Fits All!” We understand in order to address the exterior skin concerns we must first address the interior and that is your gut. Our products will deliver the necessary results they were created to do but to achieve long lasting results it is crucial to look at health/diet and take a look at your lifestyle (makeup, hair, medications etc). When it comes to treating acne we believe there is no same treatment for all and the same protocols can’t always be used from patient to patient. We make sure to test your skin the retail products we carry before you are given a home care regimen. This helps to make sure the appropriate and healthiest regimen we recommend is tolerable for the type of acne you currently are experiencing.

Your skin condition is assessed every time you come in for a treatment (or by video-call through our Long-Distance Program). Most importantly, you will be coached on acne safe foods, supplements, reading ingredients, acne safe makeup and exactly how to use your products. Even the best acne products will eventually stop working if you are not using them correctly. Using products too frequently can irritate your skin; not using them enough can slow your progress.

One of the most important aspects of our system is our ability to coach you as your skin adapts so that it never becomes too used to your home care routine. If you use products the same way for too long, your skin quickly adapts and your acne will return.

While getting your skin clear, we will work together to adjust your home care routine. A well-managed routine will prevent acne from forming in the first place. We know how important it is to carefully regulate the push-and-pull of managing your regimen. Working together with us, you can and will have clear skin.

B-Unique Beauty Acne BootCamp

How the Acne Boot Camp works & What to Expect


Your first appointment (Consultation + Treatment) will be about 1 hour & 30 minutes long and will include a consultation, skin sensitivity test, acne treatment, going over your educational binder and time to address your questions and concerns.

During your treatment I will identify the type and severity of your acne, perform a skin sensitivity test, design a home-care plan specific to your skin and perform an acne clearing treatment. 

Every treatment is customized for what your skin needs each time, and you will be shown how to use your new products, which will prepare your skin for your next treatment. 

***IMPORTANT: If you have been on topical medications such as retinoids, antibiotics etc. please discontinue use of those products for at least 2 weeks prior to booking or we will be unable to treat your skin.  


You MUST purchase home care products to begin the clearing process at the end of your first visit. (We lower the consultation + treatment price to $110 if you choose to purchase products at the time of consultation.) Total cost of products will vary per individual, but is generally around $130 to $200 or less. Most of these products will last you 2+ months.


It is mandatory that you come in every two weeks for treatments until your skin clears, which usually takes anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. I will monitor your skin and perform an acne clearing treatment using professional-strength exfoliants that need to be applied by a professional. Treatments may consist of steam, hydrating enzymes, chemical peels, and extractions will be performed to facilitate the clearing of your pores.

Every treatment is customized for what your skin needs at that time. We will go over your home-care products to make sure you are on track and make adjustments as necessary. We will go over certain foods and lifestyle choices that trigger acne and continue to give you alternatives.


The benefits of your bi-weekly treatments are:

  • Exfoliate the skin so your home-care products can penetrate the pore more easily.
  • Hydrate your skin so it is receptive to your home-care regimen. (Your home-care can dry out the skin slightly as you are getting used to the products).
  • Extract existing acne impactions.
  • Kill acne bacteria inside the pore

Upon graduating the program we suggest in order to keep your acne under control, you must maintain your home-care regimen. Many of our current clients come in for a tune-up acne treatment every few months to keep their skin as healthy and clear as possible.

It is my hope that your skin will clear within 4-6 months, but individual results will vary. Your compliance is of utmost importance. Keeping your appointments is imperative to clearing your skin.

I’m very excited to offer the Acne Boot Camp program, and I look forward to supporting you in achieving the clear, beautiful skin you desire!


What are our acne treatment benefits?

B-Unique Beauty Acne BootCamp
  • Your progress will always be monitored. This will allow us to make changes to your home-care as needed.
  • Your skin will be closely observed to make sure that we are “pushing’ it to clear but not so much that it gets irritated.
  • You’ll have your Acne Specialist working closely with you to help you clear your skin as quickly as possible.
  • In-person treatment sessions with your Acne Specialist will help you to get rid of acne and clear your skin more quickly than just using the products alone.
  • Help you to lighten dark spots (if you have them) that are caused by acne lesions.

How are we different?

Most Dermatologists are knowledgeable about the function, condition, and diseases of the skin, but are they giving you the time and attention needed to deal with your complex skin problem? In addition, are they treating your skin like they do every other patient who suffers with acne?

B-Unique Beauty Acne BootCamp

Their typical prescriptions may temporarily kill bacteria, dry up the sebum (oil from the sebaceous gland), or exfoliate your skin, but the side effects range from quite irritating to extremely dangerous. And, are they contacting you regularly to monitor your progress, or even returning your phone calls when the program is not working as it should?

Estheticians who work at spas are trained in treating the skin, but rarely are they trained to effectively treat acne. They are limited to the line of skin care products that the spa has them sell, and even if they have taken a course or two on treating acne, it's usually focusing on much more comfortably giving relaxing and pampering facials to the spa's clients.

Medi-spas and most other clinics may have a variety of machines and technology that can be impressive - but quite expensive. For those of you who can afford it, this would be fine - if any of it worked. But unless they are giving you a home-care regimen that addresses exfoliation, killing the bacteria, rehydration on a daily basis and making adjustments to your skin adapting, you will not get the results you are desperately looking for.

Proactiv and similar companies have the right idea, but even Proactiv isn’t strong enough for most cases of acne, nor do they monitor the changing condition of your skin. Not only that, these companies never see your skin or even talk to you. There is no way they can know if your complexion is light or dark, your acne is inflamed or non-inflamed, sensitive or not, combined with rosacea, resistant or rapidly responding.

Lastly, the most important thing that should be deeply looked into is the diet and lifestyle of the acne sufferer. Addressing & acknowledging the acne is one thing but finding the root cause of the issue which often is due to poor diet, lifestyle and pore clogging ingredients being consumed is an absolute game changer in one keeping their acne under control.


Remember, our acne program is available at our studio in Broadview, IL. and online for the rest of the United States.

Online Acne Consultation Only  (New Client)

This option is for consultation only. No treatment will be performed. If you are unable to make it into the studio and not quite sure if the Acne Boot Camp program is for you; I provide a virtual consultation via FaceTime. This option is to help you in choosing the best treatments, supplements, cosmetics, and home care regimen to obtain healthy and clear skin. Online consultations please submit photos of your skin to as this helps to provide Kayla with a glimpse of your skin condition.

30 min - $55


First Acne Consultation + Treatment

Find out exactly what acne is, why all other products and treatments have not worked and what has worked for all of my clients. Includes sensitivity tests to see what your skin can and can't tolerate and your first treatment as a member of the acne boot camp program.

90 min - $135


Pack of 6 sessions

$465 ($77.5 each)


Pack of 12 sessions

$930 ($77.5 each)


Acne Facial - (Returning Clients)

Must have already had the consultation and initial treatment. Includes cleanse, analysis, acne peel treatment, high frequency, hydration, and SPF. Home care routine will be adjusted to achieve clear skin. 

45 min - $88

Pack of 6 sessions $465 ($77.5 each)


Face & Chest Acne - (Returning Clients)

1 hr - $145


Face & Back Acne - (Returning Clients)

1 hr 30 min - $155


Chest Acne - (Returning Clients)

45 min - $63


Back Acne - (Returning Clients)

1 hr - $99

Find out if your products are clogging your pores!

Download your Pore-Clogging Ingredient List and find out if your products are causing your skin irritation and breakouts.