B-Unique Beauty specializes in customized acne treatments, chemical peels, and corrective skin care services.

B-Unique Beauty offers cutting-edge technologies, professional skincare lines and uses customized cosmeceutical grade home-care products. Your skincare goals will be reached in a healthy and effective manner. It is of the utmost importance to Kayla to address your skincare concerns using the inside-out approach. Your skincare journey must start with proper education about the body and your skin which will lead Kayla to  addressing your gut and the importance of it functioning properly. Not all treatments have to be invasive, use of medication, or 10+ steps skincare regimen to achieve the results you desire!

B-Unique Beauty is a private & professional skincare home studio dedicated to our clients and located in Broadview, IL. Kayla is  passionate about every service she provides and loves to educate her clients to ensure overall success in and out of the studio. Her focus is in individualized skin rejuvenating programs for problematic skin sufferers, brides and clients who want to improve and maintain their skin health.  Skin conditions treated within her practice include but are not limited too; Acne, Scarring,  Ingrown Hairs, Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone, Rosacea, Wrinkles, Aging, Sagging Skin, PCOS and Dry Skin. Additionally, B-Unique Beauty offers one-on-one makeup classes for the everyday woman and professional makeup artists.

B-Unique Beauty
B-Unique Beauty

Meet Your Esthetician

Kayla Boddy

Kayla Boody

Founder of B-Unique Beauty, LLC in 2018, is a licensed esthetician, certified acne specialist and certified multicultural skin care therapist treating multicultural skin of color with a primary focus on corrective skincare treatments, acne prone skin & bridal makeup artist in the Chicagoland area. 

As a result, of much prayer, grace from Yahuah and her husband she is using her gifts and talents, while being a wife, stay at home & homeschooling mom. In college she experienced the unfortunate skin condition of having acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation etc. and to mask her external and internal issues developed a flawed love for makeup. 

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a focus on Law and minoring in Psychology in 2015, she married just 2 months after graduating college. At such an exciting time in her life with the beginning of many new memories to form she didn’t pursue a career in her degree. A year later, she enrolled in esthetics school at Universal Spa Training Academy  to learn about the largest organ in the body (Skin), while pregnant with their first child.

Her journey so far has led her to cross paths with many beautiful faces and major opportunities like working with Junes Diary as an assistant makeup artist for the Xscape concert in December 2017, working as the assistant makeup artist to Triphena Johnson for Avlon at America's Hair & Beauty Show in April 2018 and working as the key makeup artist for Martins International 37th Annual Chicago Music Awards in March 2018. In addition, I have been nationally recognized by Urban Skin Rx as a Melanin Expert in the skincare industry in January 2020.  

There's something extremely unique about this opportunity Yahuah has given her because outside of her job titles, she is able to create sister-friend relationships, become a confidante, give expert advice and most importantly spread the "Good News" of Yahshua HaMashiach. Kayla makes it a must that each client Yahuah grants her to be of service to know they are beautiful and to ALWAYS Remember to B-Unique Souls for Yahuah! 

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